Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Saga Continues!

Super sketchy shot of Camp Rogers, where I picked M up for Christmas Exodus 
What started as our Ranger School story has turned into our Ranger School saga...

Nevertheless, I love and support my courageous hubby 110% and I feel like it's good to be one tiny voice of "(hey! not everyone sails through in 60 days! and that's ok! it's the nature of the beast.)"

I could go intro great detail on the nature of his experience and the challenges we've faced, but I'm learning very quickly that plans in the Army change, no matter what training or unit you're in.  And at least the harsh lesson in flexibility I've learned in this first year of our marriage has given me peace and confidence in facing our future, wherever the Army sends us.

I used to be TERRIFIED of deployments, and I'm sure I'll still be shaking in my shoes when the time arises, (mostly for the danger he'll be in!) but we've learned how to have a healthy relationship, if not strengthen it, through distance rather than let it break us.  So as much as Ranger School is a total drag on loved ones, it is possible to cherish the moments together enough that they outweigh the time apart...though Christmas Exodus was pretty much the best thing on earth, so if this doesn't resonate with you, chalk it up to being recharged with a couple weeks of bliss!

Random tip of the week though: On the last day of Christmas Exodus my darling husband hid little notes for me all over the house, which I'm still finding tucked away!  It's the most precious thing ever. But I started leaving the letters I got from him around the house too with the notes, not just on my desk or by the bed where I could mope before sleep. And as simple as it is, having those constant reminders where I run into them cheers me up a lot more than I'd expect!  Try it!


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