Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Post!

Ok! Welcome, welcome, one and... well, one. Since it's just me and Katy so far on this blog. I hope this can be a place where Army wives (or, in my case, Army girlfriends) can come and post ideas, information, awesome happenings.... And just create a great community.

A forewarning -- we can be snarky. We can be exasperated. Hell, we can even curse like sailors. But... we are grown ups here!  Big girl panties, everyone. If you wouldn't want your mama to see it, do not post it! Comment and post in the manner of "love thy neighbor"... and if you can't do that, post in the manner of "tolerate your neighbor with a big smile and then quickly walk away."

A bit about myself: I'm Courtney, an Army girlfriend, or SO (significant other). I'm with B, a second lieutenant in the US Army, Infantry branch. We've been together nearly 3 years -- we met in college and started dating our sophomore year. As of this post, he is currently at Ranger School, day 9, with a hopeful graduation date of Nov. 9th.

I am not in Georgia -- I'm in Texas, where I work as an IT consultant by day, and an English tutor by nights/weekends.  When I'm not doing that, I'm baking, or attempting to quilt. Yes, I sound like a grandmother. My go-to cocktail is Malibu Coconut and Diet Dr. Pepper -- it's like summer in a glass!

My source of information from Benning is Katy -- who I totally exploit. I know that. I'm a horrible friend, but what choice do I have?! She's also the one who thought of getting a group of us women together to post viable information about Ranger School, or Army life in general.

And with that.... let the posting begin!


Leila Lopez said...

Thanks for creating this group!! What a great way to share intel and support each other! I love it!

ktaylor127 said...

Fantastic! Thanks for taking the lead on this, Courtney. It's great!

Courtney S said...

My pleasure!

Courtney S said...

You are so welcome! I hope we can get more ladies like us who can post info, or advice, or anything on here.

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