Monday, September 24, 2012

If You Give a Ranger a Cookie...

He's going to ask for a glass of milk! Or he's just going to take it, wolf it down, and run to the next Ranger game.

I got B's letter yesterday after coming home from Ft. Worth/Dallas (had an awesome time, too, but that's another story). Aside from telling me what he was doing, he said it was amazing how tired and hungry he had gotten in a couple of days. And how it was hard to focus on the page when he was writing (I winced at that).

But he also said that in their sleep deprived state, they are taught class after class after class, and that Rangers were literally falling off of bleachers because they were asleep. In order to keep themselves awake, they'd go and stand up so they wouldn't fall asleep as easily. Lovely, right?

So I was wracking my brain thinking on how to possibly help him stay awake during fire watch, patrols, classes... and all of the above. Then I remembered a product I had heard grad students using to study cram for the GRE's.

It was caffeine gum, and while I can't remember the brand, I did find this product which got fairly good reviews. Only problem is that it comes only in the "fresh breath" flavors, not the dessert/fruity flavors that B specifically asked for me to send in all of my letters. You know it's bad if he's making special requests. He's the lowest maintenance guy ever.

Has anyone ever used this? I'm thinking if finicky civilians are giving it a good review, and it's manufactured by Wrigley's, it has to be fairly reputable. Right? I think I will purchase some and send them Brian's way, with a mix of those and the fruity gum.

Stay classy, my friends.


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