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Hello friends!

This is place where Army wives, girlfriends, fiances, significant others...etc. can come and post ideas, information, awesome happenings...and just create a great community.

We started this as our guys packed their bags for Ranger School and we scoured the internet for any information on how that mysterious training functions from the homefront.  From helping my other half be as prepared as he could be to deciphering the transitions between phases, the 8 hour pass, calls, care packages, letters, oh my!

Though "M" and I (Katy) have been married for almost a year, we entered this military life together just this May, along with our college friends Courtney and her boyfriend "B"so we're figuring out army life as it comes, and hopefully the compilation of our experiences as Ranger School significant others will create a bit of a guide for those about to embark on this fantastically challenging journey.

*You can also find Katy at The Rambling Nomad


Anonymous said...

Hello!! I've stumbled across this blog and figured id post.

My boyfriend just left for ranger school, I'm so proud and am supportive of him but this is so hard, harder than I imagined. Anyone wanna help with support? Just someone to chat with, extra tips on letter writing, what to expect etc

Greatly appreciated!!

KayTee :)

Katy S. said...

Hi KayTee! I'm so glad you found us and reached out!
Ranger School is an amazingly challenging experience, on both the soldier and their loved ones... I definitely get what you're going through!!

Have you found the Ranger School Wives facebook page? (It's for girlfriends, fiances, parents, etc. too!) Just search "Ranger School Wives 2013." It's a fantastic community! Find me on there, I'd love to chat and help where I can!

I wrote a bit on letter writing here http://pearls4tags.blogspot.com/2012/11/the-lost-art-of-letter-writing.html that might be a bit of inspiration!

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