Friday, September 21, 2012

Voting in the Woods

Ready to totally nerd out with me?

Today I suddenly realized that our guys will be gone for the entirety of this year's voting process. (Unless they have a break in Ranger School to vote....HA! dream on.)
As the political science nerds that my husband and I are, whether our votes statistically count worth a darn or not, being part of the process is still pretty important.

As long as I've known him, I don't think he's ever gone a day without checking to "see what's going on in the world," as he puts it, so I've been sending little news summaries with my letters every now and then.  Making the news upbeat and chirpy is a challenge!  But satire and ridiculous quotes from the upcoming election help. :)

That being said, as comical as sending my guy a ballot out in the field seems, the odds are that it might be important to him, so I found out about absentee voting for the military in a pretty easy format here:

Deadlines: (TX)
Voter Registration: Oct. 9
Absentee Ballot Application: Oct. 30

The link above makes the process incredibly simple, I just have a form printed out for M to sign on his leave pass, and I'll send him the ballot at Ranger School.

It makes me wonder, were I to be isolated in the woods for a few months, what part of the real world (besides basic needs and relationships!) would I miss the most?  Do your guys have a niche they can't live without?


Courtney S said...

I love it! B's parents help run the elections in Virginia, and they were sure to get him an absentee ballot... I just hope he filled it out!

I can promise you he's going through 1) video game withdrawals 2) sugar withdrawals right now. That kid can eat an entire 1 pound bag of jelly beans in one afternoon... If he wasn't so fit, I'd be worried about diabetes...

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