Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Writing for Ranger School

The first thing B. told me was to cheer him up. He told me how much my letters meant to him at LDAC, and how happy they made him -- then, how terrified. See, when I didn't hear from him for a few weeks, I started flipping out. This was our first separation where we didn't talk, and I was convinced that something was wrong. Other woman replaced me, wild Manbearpig ate him, he decided that the whole "dating Courtney" thing wasn't for him... yeah, hello, I'm a drama queen.

And most embarrassing of all, I let it show in my letters. I can't remember specifics, but basically I wanted to know why he hadn't written. Then, I got all his letters within a span of three days, and they went from "I miss you" to "Are you not getting my letters?! I'm really worried by your tone!" Yeah. Worst girlfriend in the world >>right here<<.

So, I'll state the most overtly simple lesson: Keep it positive. Even the smallest negative can take your guy's head out of the game, and that is not what needs to happen in this stage of his training. He needs to know/think everything is just peaches and cream without him, and you're thriving. Don't lie, but don't take up a paragraph telling him about that douche of a maintenance man who was 4 hours late and tracked mud throughout your house.

Next: the elements. I read this on another blog, which I'll post at the end, but the men are not given weather forecasts. So when they're out there sleeping in their hooches, they wake up and are just as surprised by the weather as the cavemen were. SEND THEM THE WEATHER FORECAST! Because I have no idea when mail call is, I sent the 10 day forecast in my last letter. I'm planning on doing the 15 day forecast with each envelope I mail out, in the hopes that he'll get the most current one and get some use out of it.

 News: Again, send them the good stuff. Their presidential candidate is ahead in the polls, the stock market doing well, even the Sunday funnies if they're into that. B told me that I was his break from Army, his way of "checking out" and leaving work -- that's difficult enough to do via text message or over the phone, but to do it through letters? Very, very difficult.

And finally -- for you. Stay BUSY. I work 40 hours as an IT consultant, then I tutor ACT/SAT/English/Homework/Organizational skills for local kids who need it. Then I work out. Then I go home. There was one Friday last week where I wasn't busy -- worst day in a very, very long time. I went to my mother's house and moped around. Resist the urge to submerge yourself in everything regarding Ranger School. I watched "Surviving the Cut: Ranger School" on Netflix, and read through a Ranger's journal online within 24 hours. I was lost in it. Maintain your own life. Maintain your own life. Maintain your own life.

And, with a little luck and a little hope, those 62 days will not be lengthened by recycling, and they will fly by.


Carolyn Tatum said...

I agree with everything you just said. And sending the weather forecast is a great idea!! I just started that, as well as dating the back of the envelope in case our letters come at once.
Did your man leave with the 9 Nov group as well? How are doing going?
I've been staying very busy as well, and of course that helps but its still rough when we have no idea how they are!!!

Good to know there are others out there going through the same thing, don't know what I would do without the internet letting people like us figure this out :)

Leila Lopez said...

Thank you so much for the tip about the weather forecast! I had never heard that before but will definitely be doing that from here on out!

Anonymous said...

Oh, this is spot on and could not have better timing. Literally an hour ago I heard a few girls got letters today and started my next letter to M, "are you there? are you ok? I'm checking the mailbox like Christmas morning! I hear you can get the chaplain to mail letters faster..." and then crumpled it up and threw it away. Good advice.

Your account of LDAC is hilarious. I will certainly not have nightmares of wild Manbearpig at Ranger School. Did I mention the time a wild boar decided to join M's platoon in IBOLC and he thought it was a good idea to attack it with a stick? hahaha. Looking back it's funny at least.

So glad to have you girls around for support! We'll make it fun!

Carolyn Tatum said...

hahah, I feel like that IBOLC story is the exact same story my fiance told me about!! What yours mans name??

And I totally ran to the mailbox today and was so sad to not have a letter. So hard to hear when others get one... but no news is good news ladies!!!

Carolyn Tatum said...

I don't know if anyone has read: "Confessions of a military wife" by Mollie Gross--- if not I recommend overnighting it from Amazon :) Every Army girl should have that book.

Katy S. said...

Hahaha...my husband's boar attack is infamous? Oh dear. Was your man in 3rd platoon? Mine's named Stevick. Who's your fiance?

You're right! No news is good news. New mantra.
And i will order that book!

- Katy aka theramblingnomad

Courtney S said...

Hi Carolyn! My guy did leave in the 9 Nov group... And I'm hoping he stays in that group!! :) I have my mental ups and downs -- one moment I'm totally fine with him being gone and doing his Army stuff, the next I'm opening up my Countdown app to check the seconds until when he comes back to civilization.

And I know how you feel -- I couldn't imagine doing this without the use of the internet!!

Carolyn Tatum said...

I got a letter yesterday!!!
He is doing okay, he def seemed tired and hungry. I am pretty sure he gave it to his RI's Sunday AM to send to me, and I got it Wednesday. But it sounded like they hadn't gotten mail call yet? I was like... with all those letters I have sent they better be getting there! I'm hoping mail call was sunday night after he sent the letter.

He did say that their 8 hour pass should start at 9.

Carolyn Tatum said...

haha Courtney I have that app too!!!

Courtney S said...

So I just got an email from B's mom.... apparently he sent my letter to them, with their letter... and then asked for them to send it my way! So it's probably going to be here on Monday or so.... Just need to not think about it!

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