Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Ranger School Breakdown!

Hey all! Just one more quick post -- I'm hearing that some of y'all are getting letters from your man! That's so great!!! Any correspondence is a lifesaver, isn't it? Makes the whole week better.

However, I did read somewhere that some RI's hold back mail from some Ranger candidates (and of course now that I'm looking for it, I can't find it to link up). I'm not sure if this is true, or false, or exaggerated, but I imagine if it is true, it's to make the guy feel isolated, unloved, discouraged. He may even write "why aren't you writing me?" in his letters. If you were expecting support from him, and it appeared he didn't care, wouldn't you feel the same way?

Don't freak out. Snail mail will get him the freakout five days later, or longer, and there will be a huge cross in communications. Calmly write that you're writing him daily (or however often you're sending out letters), and that you hope they are delivered soon... then go on with your message.

Secondly, something I thought I'd post:

Postcards from Vistaprint! I created these as he was leaving, and received them in the mail a few business days after he left. I then addressed one to me, one to his family, and stamped them. This way, if he has no time whatsoever to sit down and write a letter (and I hope he doesn't because he's choosing sleep over writing), then he can at least check the boxes and write a quick note.

I think after shipping and handling, and buying additional envelopes (something I'd probably leave out next order), the whole thing cost me $17. Plus, I made them sort of generic, so he can use them after Ranger School, maybe for Air Assault or Pathfinder or whatever he tries to do next.

Oh, and the blog I was reading from my first post yesterday can be found here. Be warned though.... It's gripping.


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