Friday, September 28, 2012

Day of Phone Calls and Visits

Ladies, I am absolutely green with envy for those of you who were able to see your men today. I wish Texas was much closer to Georgia than it was... but if wishes were kisses, I'd be diabetic. So, for those of you who got to see your strapping lads in uniform, good on you! I hope you got plenty of hugs and smiles.

To say this was an emotional day would be like saying that Hurricane Katrina had a little bit of wind and rain. Work was hectic -- of course the excrement hits the oscillating blades on the day that they get their pass. We're go-live critical, and all the things on my plate are being requested... "needed them yesterday." Well, sorry, chief, that ain't gonna happen when the components I needed for my deliverables were given to me yesterday. *big cheesy smile that disarms men because it's both terrifying and unusual*

Then I get a 1 minute call from B. Oh my gosh I had forgotten how much I missed his voice. And, with my luck, I coughed (didn't want him to know I'm sick), and he instantly hones in on it. "Are you sick? What's wrong? Flu?" Yeah, okay, you just spent 3 weeks in the field getting your ass handed to you, let's talk about my sniffles. Gah. That man.

Then again, I get a call, and managed to scurry out to the hallway to take it, it's from his cell. Meaning he's home! We catch up as quickly as we ever have, and 20 minutes later, I'm getting back to work and he's going to regroup. Looking forward to a potential FaceTime later today before he reports back.

He tells me how miserable it is. This guy never complains about anything -- ANYTHING. And if he does he just laughs and says "Gotta embrace the suck." And he gave me the stats -- somewhere around 400 people started in his company.... like 170 are making it to the next round. That's both drops and recycles. That is a 42% "pass to the next phase" rate. In. Sane. I don't even want to know what the Mountain Phase is going to bring, statistic-wise. I'm just proud of his attitude.

Additionally, he said they had withheld mail the whole time. Figured as much. And a few of my letters had smooch marks on them (ha, sorry sweetie), and he got "teased".... as in the guys saw it and went "oooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhh". Whatever, so long as he didn't get punished with push ups. I had included in the package Extra dessert gum in Root Beer and Apple Pie... and as he was opening it (on the phone) he gets so excited and goes "Oh, man, these are so good, have you tried them?!" Hahaha no, sweetie, those are all yours. I'll try them later...

Such a great day to hear from my to-be Ranger. I could easily be labeled the happiest girl alive right now.... But y'all will probably put that claim to the test, huh?

Stay classy.


Katy S. said...

You are such a great writer! I am still reeling from the emotional rollercoaster that was the infamous 8 hour pass... and you just put it in a perfect little nutshell. :) Are things at work calming down?! Ranger School alone is enough stress to deal with!

Courtney S said...

Aw! Thanks Katy. No, things at work are picking up even more... I'm going to be going pretty much non-stop until November... let's hope my immune system can keep up, because right now it's not doing so well.

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