Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Patrols, the Ranger School "Bible," and TBBT

Good Wednesday morning, ladies! It's a lovely hazy day here in Texas, where the humidity is high, and the mosquitoes are confused with birds of prey. As of right now, Fort Benning is experiencing lovely weather, 62 degrees Fahrenheit, with a high of 82 today.

So, yesterday evening after I got home from work, I received this little gem in the mail:

As it was highly recommended on another blog, I figured, meh, why not try it? So far I'm on page 19 and keep cringing. Our men have a set on them for going through this crap. BUT, yesterday through this Friday, the men will be doing graded patrols with their squads (quick frame of reference for the transitioning civilians: squads have around 9 or so members in them).

These patrols last all day, finishing only when they drag their behinds back to the trucks. Back to back to back patrols, culminating towards the overall daily mission. Our guys will get at least one patrol during this time, but they could get more. If their luck is anything like B's they're going to be in some sort of leadership position the whole time. He always seems to get volun-told to be in those kinds of roles; I think it's supposed to be a compliment that people have faith in him?

Their schedules will run them from first formation at 0500, to lights out at 0200... 21 hours days for four days. I'll let y'all do your own research into the effects of sleep deprivation. (Like I said... they have a set on them.)

One thing that I do want to point out is this -- none of these operations are individual events. An individual might be graded, but they are graded on the success of the group. The fact of the matter is that our men are either squared away, or they aren't. They're either hard workers, or spotlight Rangers who perform only if eyes are upon them (I've seen them, they're out there, and they're douches when it gets time for them to be graded). They. Are. A. Team.

I'm not sure how mail call goes; maybe they run off to their hooches to read their mail in privacy, maybe they open it up in front of each other and get a good laugh at the guys who get lipstick kisses on their letters (B's gonna be made fun of, if that's the case... first letter, big ole smooch mark). Either way, if you could put something in the letters that would be able to be passed around the squad, it could help in the peer evals. A guy who gets outside stimuli for the squad (comics, sports standings, news, whatever) could be seen as providing to the group dynamic.

>> Note: This isn't documented anywhere!!! I'm trying to extrapolate. I know at summer camp I'd always keep close to the girl who got the best home-cooked goodies in her care packages. Since we can't send care packages until after Mountain Phase, I'm assuming the man with the best news and sources of information might be seen as being a contributor to the squad. And that bodes well for end-of-phase peer evaluations. This probably won't help if the man in question is insufferable every other time other than mail call... But just a thought.

And lastly: TBBT -- or, The Big Bang Theory. "What? They're teaching that at Ranger School?" Ha. Yes, because B with his history degree also dabbles in string theory and quantum mechanics. No! The show! It's my little plug, but I am in love with this show. I have gotten my whole family hooked on this show, and it's honestly just a great comedic relief for the day.


But, be forewarned -- it's a genuinely *smart* show. And geeky. With a ton of social awkwardness thrown in there.

And, for those of you who do know the sweet, melodious sound of Sheldon Cooper's voice:

Something to look forward to, when you're not counting down the seconds towards November 9th!!!


Katy S. said...

Excellent, excellent! I just stuck a 10 day forecast in today's batch of love, but some headlines and sports stats would go a long way...
And we still have bloodthirsty mosquitos even in the nice cool weather, if that makes you feel better. :)

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