Sunday, September 23, 2012

Some Ideas

Hello ladies,

I first want to thank you for letting me be apart of this blog. Communication is the biggest element in my life, and this blog will help me while D is away. Now, I want to share with you ladies what I have done for D that he said it was a great way to lift his spirit. I read about Ranger School before hand and saw that RI’s like to make the soldiers feel unloved, unwanted, and isolated for their love ones by holding their letters. I don’t know if that is true, but I did not want that to happen if it is. In D's mini notebook pads I put around 30 posted notes about how much I love him and cute pick-up lines that I got off this website Here. I just picked what I knew would make D laugh. There is so many off that website that I am sure you could find ones that fit you and your man.

Thanks to Katy, I learned that we can send care-packages. I went to Walmart for the items and let me tell you it wasn’t easy walking out of that store without everything in it. I know what D’s favorite foods are, but I don’t think spending a juicy hamburger from Indiana, or any state in that matter, would work to well. The picture below is what I ended up getting for him. I also got my whole family to write words of encouragement. D’s mother is sending a care-package too with his families words of encouragement.

I saw on Pinterest a cute way to count down the days of a pregnancies. I reinvented the idea to work in this situation. Everyday I have been taking a picture of myself with how many days we have left to go. My idea is that I am going to put the picture into a poster with the last picture really big and all of our family holding a sign saying  “ZERO” .  I will post it up after  Ranger School so you can see it.

Side note: I have been spraying my perfume on every letter and kissing it with red lip stick. My internship involves working with children, so I have sent him some of their colorings as well as mine.


Allison said...

Love the idea about writing notes in his notebook ahead of time as a surprise! I wish I had thought to do that! I'm going to borrow that for a post about Ranger School Prep that I'm doing!

Nourddine Khiti said...
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